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Im Moment ist folgender Kalender erhältlich. Weitere Produkte werden folgen. Es gibt auch die Option von den in der Gallery gezeigten Fotos Abzüge zu erhalten.

Bei Interesse einfach eine email schicken an: hello (at) oder in dem TheMiceandTheMalik - etsy shop vorbeischauen.

At the moment following calendar is available. Further products are following. There will also be the option to buy prints of the images in the photogallery. 

If you are interested in, please email to : hello (at) or have a look at TheMiceandTheMalik - etsy shop

Calendar 2022- Tunisia

b/w images, 1960, by an european woman, who was working in Africa at this time

Din A4, monthly,  250 gr textured paper, wine-red

available in 4 versionen

    a) arabic

    b) arabic with tunesian public holidays 

    c) french

    d) german with german public holidays -> sold out 

12,00 Euro

plus shipping costs

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